Spanish adjectives to describe a person physically

Spanish adjectives to describe a person physically

Knowing how to describe yourself or other people in Spanish is an essential part of learning a language. This list of Spanish adjectives will teach you to describe a person physically.

Before we start with learning adjectives, let’s have a look at the main rules on how to use descriptive adjectives in Spanish.

Rule No 1

Most of the time, Spanish adjectives are placed after the noun that they modify. Thus, unlike English, instead of a saying “beautiful woman”, we would need to say “woman beautiful”.

Beautiful woman => Mujer hermosa
(You can’t say here “Hermosa mujer”)

Rule No 2

When Spanish adjectives end in -o or -a, they change depending on the gender of the noun that they are describing. 

She is very beautiful => Ella es muy hermosa
He is very beautiful => El es muy hermoso

Rule No 3

Spanish adjectives always change depending on the number of the things that they are describing.

He is tall => El es alto
They are tall => Ellos son altos (Masculine)
She is tall => Ella es alta
They are tall => Ellos son altas (Feminine)

Rule No 4

To describe people in Spanish, we often use the verb SER plus the adjective. SER is used in two forms: es in singular form, son – plural form.

He is strong => Él es fuerte
They are strong => Son fuertes

Rule No 5

To describe the body parts, such as nose or eyes, we should use the verb TENER.

She has green eyes => Ella tiene ojos verdes
I have short hair => Tengo pelo corto

Rule No 6

As we just learned, Spanish adjectives are placed after the noun that they modify. However, there are certain exceptions. Whenever we need to sound more formal, or when we need to emphasize quality – the Spanish adjective can be placed before the noun that it determines. 

Emphasizing a quality:

Everyone thought it is a great idea => Todos pensaron que es una gran idea.
Being Formal:

You have a wonderful son => Usted tiene un maravilloso hijo.

Now let’s learn the most common Spanish adjectives to know how to describe a person physically.

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Spanish Adjectives for body shapes

Let’s start with Spanish adjectives to describe someone’s body shape.

Spanish adjectives to describe a person physically

Spanish words for “Fat”

Spanish adjectives to describe fat. A fat cat lying on the floor.
  • Gordo => Fat, Thick
  • Gordita => Fatty, Chubby, plump (feminine)
  • Obeso => Obese
  • Fofo => Flabby
  • Rechoncho => Chubby
  • Regordete => Chubby

Spanish adjectives for “Thin”

  • Delgado => Thin, Slim
  • Flaco => Thin, skinny
  • Lamido => Skinny
  • Huesudo => Bony
  • Esbelto => Slim

Words to describe “Muscular” in Spanish

  • Muscular => Strong, Muscular
  • Musculoso => Brawny, muscular
  • Atlético => Atletic
  • Deportista => Atletic, sporty
  • Robusto => Robust
  • Fornido => Well built

Other words to describe the body shape

  • Alto => Tall
  • Bajo => Short

Spanish adjectives to describe attractiveness 

Words to describe someone beautiful

There are many adjectives to describe something or someone beautiful in Spanish. Here is the list of the most common ones.

  • Hermoso (a) => Beautiful
  • Atractivo (a) => Attractive
  • Lindo (a) => Cute
  • Guapo (a) => Good looking, handsome
  • Guapísimo (a) => Drop-dead gorgeous
  • Precioso (a) => Gorgeous
  • Bonito (a) => Pretty

Words for ugly

I hope you won’t need too many words for ugly. Therefore I listed only two. There are more than that, but it is not something I like to use in my speech often, so I prefer to concentrate on other words in this article.

  • Feo => Unattractive, ugly or unsightly
  • Poco attractivo => Unattractive, plain
  • Bagre => Catfish ( used in Colombia to describe someone not attractive)

Spanish adjectives to describe age

  • Joven => Young
  • Viejo => Old
  • De mediana edad => Middle aged
  • Mayor => Elderly

Words to describe hair in Spanish


  • Pelo/ Cabello rizado => Curly hair
  • El pelo/cabello ondulado => Wavy hair
  • El pelo liso => Straight hair
  • Cabello crespo => Frizzy hair


Words to describe hair in Spanish. A smiling girl with brights red hair.
  • El pelo negro => Black hair
  • El cabello castaño => Brown hair
  • El pelo rubio => Blond Hair
  • El pelo gris => Grey hair
  • El pelo rojo => Red hair
  • El cabello teñido => Coloured hair


  • El pelo corto => Short hair
  • El pelo largo => Long hair
  • Calvo=> Bald
  • Pelado => Bald

Hair condition

  • Cabello graso => Greasy hair
  • Cabello brillante => Shiny

Spanish descriptive adjectives to describe someone’s eyes


Green eye
  • Ojos marrones /castaños/café => Brown eyes
  • Ojos verdes => Green eyes
  • Ojos azules/ojos celestes=> Blue eyes
  • Ojos grises => Grey eyes


  • Ojos pequeños => Small eyes
  • Ojos grandes => Big eyes
  • Ojos redondos => Round eyes

Spanish words to describe someone’s face 


  • Cara redonda => Round face
  • Cara ovalada => Oval face
  • Cara cuadrada => Square face

Spanish Words to describe skin

A smiling girl with freckles
  • Piel arrugada => Wrinkled skin
  • Piel pecosa => Freckles
  • Piel bronceada => Tanned skin

Words to describe someone’s nose

  • Nariz chata => Snub nose
  • Nariz recta => Straight nose
  • Nariz aguileña=> Hooked nose
  • Nariz respingada => Turn up nose

Adjectives to describe someone’s mouth and lips

Pink full lips
  • Labios delgados => Thin lips
  • Labios carnosos => Full lips

Clothing appearance

  • Elegante => Stylish
  • Un look chic => Chic look
  • Estilo casual => Casual style
  • Estilo deportivo => Sport style

Let’s have a look at some examples:

  • I was fat when I was a teenager => Estaba gorda cuando era adolescente
  • If he were going to the gym regularly, his body wouldn’t be so chabby => Si fuera al gimnasio regularmente, su cuerpo no sería tan fofo
  • He’s tall, slim, and handsome => Es alto, delgado y guapo.
  • He’s too skinny after losing all that weight => Está demasiado flaco después de perder todo ese peso.
  • Anna is a gorgeous woman with long blond hair and beautiful green eyes. => Anna es una mujer hermosa con cabello largo y rubio y hermosos ojos verdes. 
  • Stuart is a very good looking middle aged man with short grey hair and bright blue eyes. => Stuart es un hombre de mediana edad muy guapo con cabello corto y gris y ojos azules brillantes
  • My girlfriend is very cute, she has red hair and freckles. => Mi novia es muy linda, tiene el pelo rojo y pecas.

There are so many ways to describe people! If I missed some important and very common Spanish adjectives that can describe a person physically – please let me know in the comments section.

Choose some of your friends and try to describe them during a Spanish conversation. You might also find useful this list of Spanish phrases for conversations that will make you sound fluent.

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