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Hey, everyone! My name is Elina, the author if the Spanish Language Blog. I am an avid Spanish learner myself, I believe learning Spanish is truly fun and exciting, that is why I would like to share with others my favorite resources to learn Spanish at home.

I developed the Spanish Language Blog while I was learning Spanish myself, I share the tips and Spanish resources that I am finding extremely useful, and I hope they will be helpful for you, too.

Learning any language, Spanish included, is a complex process. It involves mastering different skills and aspects of the language (listening and speaking, reading and writing, grammar, and vocabulary) as well as applying different learning strategies to make the learning more effective and achieve great results much faster.

In this article, I am sharing with you some of the best resources to learn Spanish that will allow you to practice and improve all the necessary skills. I divided them into several categories:

Best Resources to practice Spanish speaking

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Speaking is a challenging skill for many learners of the Spanish language. The added difficulty of speaking is that to practice it properly, you usually need a speaking partner. But nowadays it is not a problem anymore. Here are my favorite platforms to practice Spanish speaking

Italki is a great platform that I am recommending to all my friends and to everyone who is learning foreign languages.

Here are some benefits:

– It’s very cheap. Some teachers charge as little as 4$ per hour of conversation. 
– You don’t need to buy a full course. It’s possible to pay for each lesson whenever you feel like practicing.
– You can choose a teacher with your favorite Spanish accent. Just select the country in the filter. 
– Every teacher profile includes an introduction video. You can hear the pronunciation and the accent to decide if you would like to book a lesson. 
– You don’t need to stick to one conversational partner, you can meet so many people from all over the world!

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Conversation exchange is another great platform. It’s completely free. You just need to create a profile and connect with native speakers from all over the world. It’s a great resource to practice Spanish speaking and make new friends. Everyone who registers on this platform is looking to practice some language. So you can offer them your help to practice English while they will be helping you to practice Spanish. 

Other resources to practice Spanish speaking. We may all have different goals in learning foreign languages. Still, these goals usually involve communicating with other people: asking for directions when traveling, chatting with friends, conducting work meetings, maybe even giving lectures, or making presentations in Spanish.

Speaking is indeed a crucial skill, and I do my best to provide the best resources to learn Spanish speaking on my blog. Here you will find ten great Platforms to practice speaking Spanish for free. 

Best resources to practice Spanish Grammar

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Grammar is the so-called skeleton of a language. It is impossible to truly master Spanish without learning at least the basics of Spanish grammar.

While there are so many resources where you can practice Spanish grammar, Spanishdict is so far, my favorite. They have absolutely everything you need to study Spanish grammar and vocabulary. 

There are four sections: translations, vocabulary, grammar, conjugations. 

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If you choose the grammar section, type in the rule that you would like to learn, and you will be given a fully comprehensive grammar explanation with examples. After the explanation article, there is a practice quiz. 

Other great resources to learn Spanish grammar. Here you will find Spanish resources for grammar practice that will help you learn the basics or take your Spanish grammar to the next level: websites, mobile apps, practical tips.

Best Resources to practice Spanish reading

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Reading is an essential skill when learning a foreign language, which is vital if you’re going to master your target language truly.

Here are my favorite Spanish resources for developing reading skills, as well as reading in Spanish for pleasure.

Whether you are on a beginner or higher level, you can benefit from reading these Famous Short stories in Spanish. They are really easy to read. 

You can read at least one story a day to expand and consolidate vocabulary and grammar. 

A great resource to practice Spanish reading is Lingq platform. It offers a free version, you can upgrade to premium, but it’s not compulsory. 

It provides loads of written and audio content, and you will study only the topics that interest you. 

Whatever you are into, you will most likely find a material that catches your interest, whether it’s books, news, politics, history, etc. 

A typical lesson looks like this: 

Whenever you don’t know the word, you have to click on it, and you will see the instant translation. After finishing one page, the LingQ will ask you if you would like to practice those words in a flashcard tool. 

The downside is that there is a limited number of LingQs, which means that when they finish, you won’t receive instant translations anymore. 

So you can either keep going with the free option and use Google translate, or pay for a premium. 

Other resources to practice Spanish reading

When your Spanish level grows, you will begin to use your Spanish reading skills in your daily life: reading books, news, social media posts. 

Here are some useful resources to practice Spanish: 

Best resources to practice Spanish Listening

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Listening is not as hard and scary as it may seem. Just as reading in Spanish – or any other skill, for that matter – listening can be mastered if you have a little bit of patience and plenty of regular practice.

My personal choice to practice Spanish listening. 

You can find a lot of good reviews about this podcast on the internet. This podcast won the  European Professional Podcast of the Year, and I understand why. 

It’s easy to follow, and there is a range of topics that will be interesting for anyone who learns Spanish. 

The first two seasons feel more like a classroom lesson, and seasons three and four are more like a conversation between two native speakers. 

Each episode lasts around 20-25 min. It usually includes about 10 minutes of listening practice. After that, the host explains the meaning of some words and phrases and the situations when you can use them. 

You can listen to this podcast on your way to work or while you are walking with a dog. 

Other resources to practice Spanish listening. When it comes to Spanish listening practice, Spanish Language Blog has many topics covered. Here you will find great Spanish listening resources for different levels and of various kinds: podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube channels, news sources, and many more! 

With these resources, you will be able not only to practice your Spanish listening but also to learn a lot of useful information and have a great time.

My favorite apps to learn Spanish

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Quizlet is a great free tool to build your vocabulary. You can study either through games or through flashcards. Quizlet provides you with access to millions of flashcards created by other people, or you can just create your flashcard by adding new words as you learn them. 

For example, when I read a short story or a book in Spanish, I come across new phrases or words. I add them to my set immediately. Then, before going to sleep or after I wake up, I open the app and revise my vocabulary sets.  

Other apps. You can read the detailed review of the other great apps to learn Spanish. 

Final thoughts

When I was creating Spanish Language Blog, I was aspiring to help Spanish learners all over the world by sharing the best resources to learn Spanish and the most effective learning tips. 

It is, naturally, a work in progress. New resources and materials appear every day. And you probably also know that you can never stop learning a language: to increase your level or even to maintain it, you need regular practice and varied resources. And you can find those on my blog!

Here I am collecting resources and learning tips for learners of different levels, different interests, and different goals in learning Spanish. I am sure that you can find something useful here that will help you learn Spanish more effectively, but also in a fun and exciting way. 

Take your time to check the articles in my blog, enjoy useful language and cultural tips that I have collected for you. 

If you have any questions, comments, or you would like to share some other great resources to learn Spanish – don’t hesitate to let me know!

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