17 Instagram accounts for learning Spanish

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These Instagram accounts for learning Spanish will help you master the language while browsing social networks and enjoying yourself – isn’t that great? 

If you already use Instagram in your daily life, combining it with learning Spanish will not require much extra effort from you, but at the same time will be beneficial for your learning.

Following most of these 17 accounts will allow you to take the extra step in the Spanish immersion process, along with listening to Spanish music and watching movies in Spanish.

Moreover, learning Spanish while doing something fun usually makes the learning easier – after all, you are just relaxing and scrolling through Instagram, aren’t you? – but also more efficient. It hardly feels like learning, but it provides a little bit of extra practice that can really make a difference. 

If you are looking for more tips on the best ways to learn Spanish, check out this article as well as these ideas on how to learn Spanish in 6 months from some of the best Spanish teachers.

The advantages of using Instagram accounts for learning Spanish

Social media are a great instrument for foreign language learning. The Internet, in general, provides us with great language opportunities, be it speaking practice, learning and practicing grammar, watching the news or anything else. 

Here are some of the advantages Instagram accounts for learning Spanish can offer:

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  • All you need is your phone and an Instagram account
  • It is free
  • You can learn at any place and at any time
  • It is fun and does not feel like learning
  • There is daily fresh, up-to-date content 
  • It is interactive – you can chat with other learners or the teacher themselves
  • The content is varied: video, audio, images; vocabulary and grammar, learning tips, and many more. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best Instagram accounts for learning Spanish that will help you master the language while having fun.

1. How to Spanish

Learning set phrases and common expressions is one of the essential parts of learning Spanish. That is what you will find at HowToSpanish: useful expressions and phrases in the Spanish language.

For each phrase, there is a translation into English and pronunciation, both at a normal and at a slower speed. There are also fun gifs to accompany each phrase, so you will never feel bored. 

New posts appear every couple of days.

collage from three posts in Spanish learning Instagram accounts

2. Spanish English Rosie

This is another channel that concentrates mostly on common words and set expressions in the Spanish language. 

Every Monday you get a new ‘word of the week’ then throughout the week you see example sentences containing that word in English and Spanish. This is a great way to reinforce new vocabulary: by repeating the word or phrase in different sentences, you are more likely to remember it well. 

The account has a lovely pastel color scheme that visual learners will very likely appreciate.

collage from three different posts in intagram with phrases in Spanish

3. Light on Spanish

Light on Spanish is an Instagram account that is more focused on grammar, created by a Spanish teacher from Madrid Jorge Sivit. 

On this account, you will find many different types of materials: grammar tables analyzing verb forms and examples of sentences where they can be used, short video lessons on different grammatical topics, pronunciation insights, and many more.

There are also glimpses into the Spanish way of life and culture, as Jorge posts some pictures of his life in Madrid.

Spanish instagram accounts that post Spanish verb conjugation

4. Mariela in Spanish

On her Instagram account, Spanish teacher Mariela posts short video lessons on different topics. She explains different grammatical topics like tenses or verb conjugation, comments on differences between similar words (like, for instance, sólo and único), and speaks in slow clear Spanish on different topics while using great vocabulary. 

After each video, there is an exercise sheet with a couple of exercises you can do to see how well you have learned the material. 

New posts appear every week.

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5. Spanish phrase of the day

This is another one of great Instagram accounts for learning Spanish that concentrates on set expressions and useful common phrases. 

New posts on this account, indeed, appear daily. Each phrase is written and pronounced in Spanish. In the caption, you will also find a translation into English and an example. 

The account has a very simple visual style with nothing to distract you from your goal of learning Spanish.

three phrases in Spanish in instagram account to learn Spanish

6. Learning Español

If you want more Spanish daily, here is an account that posts a few times every day.

Learning Español is a vocabulary-centered account, where you will see words and word lists on different topics: names of countries, animals, food, emotions, question words, and so on. If you want to expand or refresh your vocabulary, this is an account for you.

Each new word is posted with a picture that illustrates it. This can help memorize the words even better, especially if you are a visual learner.

7. Spanish Pod

Spanish Pod is an Instagram account of SpanishPod101 a podcast that also comes with a YouTube channel, video and audio lessons (some free, some available with a paid subscription), and lots of other materials. 

On the Instagram account, you will find a variety of materials for different levels: basic vocabulary, useful phrases grouped by real-life situations, Spanish learning advice, group discussions in the comments, recommendations of different resources (for instance, best Spanish language shows to watch on Netflix), and so on. 

The images on the channel are always bright and positive, creating a good atmosphere for learning Spanish. New posts appear daily.

Spanish learning instagram account

8. Your Spanish Guide

David is a certified Spanish teacher from Spain, and his Instagram account offers a variety of materials with detailed explanations and examples. 

Some posts focus on vocabulary and common phrases, some in particular on the difference between certain vocabulary units, some have a more grammatical focus. 

Even when he describes something from his personal life, like a day it snowed in his district, David provides useful expressions and guiding questions that will help you compose a similar description ins Spanish. 

Recently, David has also posted a couple of videos with funny dialogues in Spanish. New posts come out every few days.

Instagram account to learn Spanish for beginners

9. Spanish Teacher Barcelona

On this account, you will find short video lessons on different topics: common mistakes made by Spanish learners, verb conjugation, useful Spanish phrases, Spanish suffixes and so on. 

The video lessons are interspersed with bright images, illustrating useful vocabulary, explaining differences between words that sound similar (like, for example, huevos and jueves), and providing lists of words grouped by different topics. 

The captions for posts always provide a detailed explanation and a translation into English. There is a new post every couple of days.

Instagram account to learn Spanish

10. Español con María

This is a colorful and fun Instagram account that provides you with useful Spanish vocabulary and grammar, as well as a glimpse into the Colombian culture and way of life. 

Maria posts a lot of popular Spanish sayings – this can be really interesting from both the cultural and the linguistic point of view. 

The account also has a personal touch as Maria posts some photos from her personal life. However, the photos are always bright, fun, and tasteful, and the Spanish language is always the canter of attention. 

7 Instagram accounts for learning Spanish on advanced level.

For advanced learners (or those who want to challenge themselves!)

If you are an intermediate learner who wants to take their Spanish to a new level with a challenge or an advanced learner looking for some practice, you can also benefit from subscribing to Spanish language accounts that are not aimed at learners: travel bloggers, comic strips, and so on. 

Here are a couple of examples of accounts you can follow.

11. Alan por el Mundo – travel blog

Alan is a Spanish-speaking travel blogger. Every few days he posts beautiful pictures from his travels with captions in Spanish on his Instagram account.

There are also a lot of Spanish-speaking people among his followers: you can chat with them in the comments and maybe even make some friends.

12. 72kilos – Comic strip

On this Instagram account, you will find minimalistic comic strips with a lovely color scheme and thoughtful and witty observations about the world. 

As it is a comic strip, there is usually just a line or two of text that will allow you to practice unadapted Spanish in small steps.

13. Hoy Aprendi – facts about the world

Do you like to read interesting facts about the world we live in? With Hoy Aprendi, you can also do it in Spanish.

Every few days, new posts with interesting facts about geography, biology, art, and other spheres of our life are published on this account. Each fact is accompanied by a picture or video that illustrates it.

14. The Spanish Memes – Humor

Memes are a modern form of Internet humor, and sometimes they can be pretty hilarious. 

Humor can be hard to understand sometimes because it employs slang words, puns, and cultural references – sometimes all together. However, it can also be a great way to practice colloquial Spanish.

The Spanish Memes post daily, sometimes a few times a day.

15. Noticias Telemundo – News

Social media have long ago grown beyond connecting with your friends and family. Among other things, you can get the news through Instagram as well. With Noticias Telemundo, you can news from all over the world in the Spanish language.

The language of the news may take some time to get used to, but it is a rich source of useful vocabulary on different topics such as politics, economy, health, and many more.

Several new posts are published daily, including regular videos. 

If you want even more news in Spanish, check out this article with links to some of the best sources of news in Spanish.

16. Querido Antonio – funny videos

The creator behind this account, Alberto González Vázquez, makes short funny videos in Spanish on different topics and also posts memes and jokes in the Spanish language.

Some of his humor is related to current events happening in the world – it may be a bit hard to follow if you don’t know what is going on, but it is also a good reason to keep well-informed. 

Alberto posts regularly every few days.

17. Luisito Comunica – travel

Louis is a Mexican travel blogger. He does a lot of fun and sometimes silly things, as well as charitable things that he posts about on his account – with captions in Spanish, of course. 

Louis often tells interesting stories about his experiences that can be very exciting to read. 

New posts come out every few days.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of Instagram accounts for learning Spanish out there. These are some of the best ones: they are useful and fun, and new posts appear regularly. 

However, if you don’t enjoy any of them for some reason (I know, tastes differ), you can search for other similar channels – you will definitely find something that fits you.

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